So about a week ago I saw the following graphic in a library lovers group on Facebook:

Now as a pre-linguistics me, I might have laughed and agreed with the sentiment. Now I’m more aware that it is really an ease of articulation way of saying library. So I felt the need to investigate further by utilizing Urban Dictionary’s entries on the word. The results were shocking to say the least: Ebonics, ghetto, black, moronic, stupid, hip, urban.

What I found most interesting was how many educators and librarians I talked online with seemed to judge the term so harshly. Even trying to say the word quickly myself, it’s difficult to pronounce the initial ‘r’. And yet, I, a senior at a major university, am anything but uneducated.

I may or may not have suggest the same librarians check out some of the linguistics book found within their own places of work, but if nothing else I feel further inspired to correct the wrong assumptions.

Perhaps I’ll start with a new entry on the Urban Dictionary page.

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